Vertu Lighting’s bollards can be used for a wide variety of applications, for example at petrol station entrances and exits.

Our bollards can also be used as security to prevent vehicles gaining access into airport terminal buildings.

Our bollards are also popular for use outside the front of retail outlets such as supermarkets.

Our bollards are also used in other applications for low level lighting of pathways in parks.
Vertu Lighting’s bollards are designed to be vandal resistant and provide excellent light distribution.

Our bollards can be used to illuminate between rail, metro and tram tracks, meaning that required illuminance levels are maintained even when two trains or equivalent are passing each other on parallel tracks. In addition the bollards can be very effective in depots for low level inspection of the wheel and bogies of trains, metro and trams.


Our specialist light sources for Bollards include:

  1. LED
  2. SON