Vertu Lighting offers a range of security lighting solutions and CCTV camera masts to provide a preventative measure to protect against any criminal activity.

Exterior security lighting allows the detection of intruders whilst at the same time acting as a deterrent.

Lighting increases the feeling of safety and is a crime prevention tool. Security lighting can be used, for example in commercial, residential, industrial, prisons and military applications as well as many other installations.

Vertu Lighting ensures that the correct column and mast structures are used for both rapid and easy maintenance. Our masts allow for CCTV cameras, motion detectors, Wi-Fi control systems in addition to the lighting, all combined on the same structure.

A particular benefit of Vertu Lighting’s base hinged columns and masts is that it allows CCTV cameras to be lowered to the ground by single man operation without the need for ladders and cranes. This results in reduced maintenance costs and increased safety for maintenance personal, allowing for easy and rapid maintenance.

LED provides excellent colour rendition for CCTV image recording.


Our specialist products for security include:

Columns and Masts:

  1. Fixed Columns and Masts including for CCTV cameras
  2. Mid Hinged Columns and Masts
  3. Base Hinged Masts and Columns including for CTTV cameras
  4. Raising and Lowering Headframe Mast

Light Fittings and Sources Include:

  1. LED
  2. High Pressure Sodium
  3. Metal Halide
  4. Floodlighting
  5. Cosmo Polis
  6. Bollards
  7. HQI