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Energy Saving

Vertu Lighting offers a range of innovative energy saving lighting solutions including LED lighting, solar lighting and intelligent lighting systems.

With expanding population’s causing ever greater demand for energy and its increasingly harmful effects on the environment it is key that governments and companies do everything in their power to reduce energy consumption.

Vertu Lighting energy saving solutions reduce outdoor energy consumption in the region of 50% and significantly reduce energy costs. This gives your organisation a significant competitive advantage in a world of ever increasing energy prices.


The effects of cost increases in energy prices can be reduced by changing from traditional light sources to Light Emitting Diodes (LED’s). LED’s allow for lower wattage fittings to be used further helping to reduce consumption and costs. This is due to LED’s producing a whiter light source.

LED’s provide more accurate colour rendering, hence there is a greater ability of the LED light source to reproduce the colours of objects. This has another particular advantage with CCTV cameras that the light source gives better picture resolution for the recorded images. Individuals feel safer at night when they can see their surroundings in more familiar colours.

LED’s require less maintenance than traditional light sources providing additional maintenance savings due to the long life of LED’s. Such LED’s fittings have a life of 50,000 hours and above, the equivalent of 10 to 15 years in the lifetime of a traditional street lamp.

Our revolutionary LED floodlights can be used for area lighting of airport aprons, ports as well as other applications such as sports and industrial areas.

solar lighting

Solar Lighting

Our Solar lighting solutions allow for energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions to be further reduced. Standalone solar lighting allows for lighting to be installed in remote areas without the need for the installation of electricity power lines, saving significant installation costs.

Solar lighting can also be tied into the existing power grids. This allows for the energy produced by the solar panel in the day to be fed back into the electricity grid or stored in batteries until required at night.

By feeding the electricity into the electricity grid in the day it allows for the costs of the lighting to be subsided by the amount of energy the panel produces in the day. This provides a return on your solar lighting investment.

Intelligent Lighting

Our intelligent lighting allows lighting to be controlled. This allows for higher lux levels in peak times and lower lux levels when demanded is less. For example on a busy road in the evening rush hour the lighting may be required to be at its maximum, however, when fewer cars are using the road the lighting levels can be reduced saving energy and costs in periods such as the late evening and early morning.

intelligent lighting

Our specialist products for Energy Saving:

Light Fittings and Sources Include:

  1. LED
  2. Solar Lighting combined with LED, SON and many other sources
  3. Intelligent Lighting Controls

Energy saving fittings can be combined with all types of mast and columns including:

  1. Fixed Columns and Masts
  2. Mid Hinged Columns and Masts
  3. Base Hinged Masts and Columns
  4. Raising and Lowering Headframe Mast