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Vertu Lighting can provide consultancy for all outdoor lighting applications ranging from major road and infrastructure through to sports, airports, ports, and transport. We also offer consultancy for sustainable and energy efficient lighting solutions.

Our highly experienced team of lighting professionals combine both world class experience together with local and international knowledge. They can advise and provide a solution which will meet both the technical requirements as well as the allocated budget of the project.

Our expertise focuses on the whole range of lighting embracing both the best value and quality lighting products with the most appropriate and cost effective structure.

Our structures include fixed columns and masts, raise and lowering head frame masts, mid hinged masts, guide rail masts, internal access masts, man rider masts as well as base hinged columns and masts, providing rapid, safe and cost effective maintenance at ground level.

Our innovative solutions combine, lighting, CCTV cameras, Wi-Fi, signage and advertisement all incorporated into a single cost effective structure. This avoids the necessity of having a number of different structures for individual applications, maximising space at ground level. This has the significant benefit of minimising the quantity of structures required, resulting in reduced installation and maintenance time and costs.