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Masts, Poles, Columns and Structures

Fixed Columns

Vertu Lighting provides a wide range of fixed columns including our light duty range, medium duty range and heavy duty range.

Our heavy duty range of columns are ideal for use with multiple light fittings, CCTV cameras and signage when all are required to be installed on the same column.

Architectural columns have been designed to fit any landscape from the urban city to a rural area.

Fixed Columns
Fixed High Masts

Fixed High Masts

Our wide range of fixed masts can be designed specifically to your requirements whether this be for a stadium, port, airport, golf course or industrial setting.

Vertu Lighting has carefully thought about easy maintenance of these masts and lighting systems.

There are a variety of specialist masts, for example internal access masts have internal ladders installed inside the mast.

Also available are external access masts which have the ladders on the outside of the mast.
These two options allow easy access to the headframe without the need for cranes or other expensive maintenance equipment.

An even quicker option is a man rider system where an individual can be winched to the top of the mast in a cradle which moves up and down the mast in a similar was to that of a lift.

Raising and Lowering Headframe Masts

Raising and lowering headframe masts are ideal for locations where space is restricted such as ports, airports and industrial areas.

Our raising and lowering headframe masts also known as mobile or lowering crown systems allow for the headframe of the masts to be lowered to ground level through a detachable winch motor which plugs into a socket at the base of the mast.

Through the winch and pulley system designed into the mast it allows the headframe to lower quickly and safely through the use of multiple steel cables to maximise stability and safety.

The headframe of the mast has a safety locking mechanism to secure it at the top of the mast.

Raising and Lowering Headframe Masts
Base Hinged Columns and Masts

Base Hinged Columns and Masts

Vertu Lighting’s base hinged columns and masts allow for safe, quick, cost effective maintenance of light fittings as well as the columns and masts.

Base hinged columns and masts can be raised and lowered by single man operation.
This is achieved through a spring based or hydraulic based raise and lower system at the base of the structure. There is therefore no need for the hiring of expensive equipment such as cranes and cradles in order to gain access to your lighting system.

Our base hinged columns and masts can be custom designed to virtually any height allowing for easy maintenance of your lighting system no matter how large or small.

The base hinged columns and masts that we offer are ideal for railway platforms allowing for easy maintenance of CCTV cameras, light fittings as well as the changing of signs all at ground level.

Base hinged columns are also extremely popular for sport facilities such as multi use games areas and horse racing tracks.

Mid Hinged Columns and Masts

Our mid hinged columns and masts are ideal in areas where space is limited.

The light fittings at the top of the column can be easily maintained from ground level through the use of a simple tool.

This tool safely allows the headframe to lower to the ground through a hinge in the middle of the mast or column allowing for the column to pivot.

Mid hinged columns and masts are ideal for roads, highways, paths, car parks and walkways.
Mid Hinged Columns and Masts
Guide Rail Masts

Guide Rail Masts

Vertu Lighting’s guide rail masts provide the ultimate in safety allowing for easy maintenance from ground level.

The headframe is lowered down the shaft of the mast in a guide rail. This prevents the headframe from twisting providing excellent safety even in high wind areas.

The parachute brake function allows the braking of the headframe when either being lowered or raised if the traction of the rope losses tension or is cut.

Guide rail masts are perfect for applications which require maximum safety such as ports and airports.

Our specialist products for masts, poles, columns and structures:

Light Fittings and Sources Include:

  1. LED
  2. High Pressure Sodium
  3. Metal Halide
  4. Floodlighting
  5. 1kW and 2kW Floodlights- Including Metal Halide, LED and Sodium
  6. Cosmo Polis
  7. SON-T
  8. HQI


The design of the column or masts depends on the headload capacity as well as the local site conditions where the lighting system will be installed. The design of the structures takes into account the distance from the sea, altitude at site, wind speeds and terrain.

Vertu Lighting can design a lighting system based on your specific requirements and incorporate the type of column or mast that is most appropriate to your application. For example this could combine LED fittings with base hinged columns. Incorporating bracket arms, banner arms and spigots as required.

The lighting control gear for your lighting system can be installed into the base of the mast for fixed, raise and lowering headframe masts as well as guide rail systems.

For base hinged masts the control gear can be installed in cabinets attached to the base of the mast or separate cabinets as required.

A mast is defined as greater than 15 metres. Columns are defined as any height up to 15 metres.