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Road, Highway & Car Park

Road and Highway

Where required urban and rural roads, streets, highways, motorways and tunnels can be designed to BS EN standards. A well lit road significantly improves traffic flows, increases safety and reduces injuries as well as fatalities that result from crashes.

LED lighting reduces energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.

Road and Highway
Car Park

Car Park

Our specialist lighting systems provides safe and secure parking for vehicles. Car parks are designed to ensure that the minimum number of columns as possible are installed to maximise the amount of car parking spaces. The key advantage of installing lighting systems in car parks and surrounding areas allows for customers to be attracted to the area outside of daylight hours resulting in increased trade. Outdoor lighting additionally provides a more pleasant shopping experience.

Our specialist products for Road, Highways and Car parks include:

Light Fittings and Sources Include:

  1. LED (Light Emitting Diode)
  2. High Pressure Sodium (HPS & SON)
  3. Metal Halide (HQI)
  4. Floodlighting (Including 1kW and 2kW)
  5. Cosmo Polis (New generation of Compact Ceramic Metal Halide Lamps)
  6. Hydrargyrum quartz iodide (HQI)

Columns and Masts:

  1. Fixed Columns and Masts
  2. Mid Hinged Columns and Masts
  3. Base Hinged Columns and Masts
  4. Raising and Lowering Headframe Mast