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Rail, Metro and Trams

Safety on the railway, metro and trams is paramount. As with all applications Vertu Lighting is able to supply the lighting for the railway stations, depots, car parks, access roads. Our columns allow for easy maintenance of masts and fittings at ground level. Columns and masts can be designed to incorporate CCTV cameras, Wi-Fi, signage, as well as lighting, again all maintained at ground level. All masts and fittings are designed to be located in close proximately to tracks and withstand the vibrations caused by the metro, trams and high speed trains.

Our bollards can be used to illuminate between tracks, allowing required illuminance levels to be maintained even when two trains or equivalent are passing each other on parallel tracks. In addition they can be very effective in depots for low level inspection of the wheel and bogies of trains, metro and trams.

rail metro trams

Our specialist products for Rail, Metro and Trams include:

Columns and Masts:

  1. Fixed Columns and Masts
  2. Mid Hinged Columns and Masts
  3. Base Hinged Masts and Columns
  4. Raising and Lowering Headframe Mast

Light Fittings and Sources Include:

  1. LED
  2. High Pressure Sodium
  3. Metal Halide
  4. Floodlighting
  5. Cosmo Polis
  6. SON-T
  7. HQI
  8. Bollards