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Company Overview

Vertu Lighting is your trusted partner for all outdoor lighting applications.

We serve our customers in all regions of the world including Europe, the Asia Pacific region as well as the Middle East covering all GCC countries including UAE, Qatar, and Oman as well as serving the wider MENA region.

Our company prides itself on quality products, solutions and customer service.

Vertu Lighting can help with all your exterior lighting requirements providing the total lighting solution, combining lighting and structural design with installation and maintenance.

Where required we can also supply individual products such as light fittings, lighting columns and masts for your exterior lighting requirements.

Vertu Lighting provides exterior lighting for all applications including roads, highways, car parks, railways, metros, trams, ports and airports.

We have vast experience in sports lighting applications including football and cricket stadiums together with sports training pitches, car racing circuits, golf courses, horse racing, camel tracks and tennis courts.

Vertu Lighting also specialises in retail lighting, amenity lighting, area lighting and industrial lighting for all applications including the oil and gas sector.

Our highly experienced team of professionals can also provide architectural lighting and decorative lighting for all applications including hotels and mosques.

We understand that no matter what your lighting application is, minimising energy consumption and reducing carbon dioxide emissions are essential. This can be achieved through using our energy efficient products, for example our light-emitting diode (LED) fittings and solar lighting solutions.

Vertu Lighting is a highly specialised exterior lighting company providing light fittings, masts, bollards, poles and columns for all applications.

Where required, Vertu Lighting can combine CCTV cameras, Wi-Fi, lighting and advertising banners all on one structure. This is ideal for railway platforms and high security areas such as military applications.

We listen to our customers requirements, helping to reduce maintenance costs and increase safety by supplying lowering head frame masts, base hinged columns and masts.

We deliver products and projects on time which provide maximum impact and quality for all our customers worldwide.