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Commercial, Industrial and Area Lighting

Vertu Lighting supplies specific products that cover large open spaces minimising the number of light fittings and masts required to light large areas.

This is achieved where possible through high mast columns and floodlights mounted both on the masts as well as on the facade of buildings.

Lighting allows government, commercial and industrial business to operate 24 hours a day increasing productively and ensuring security and safety of site operations, employees and visitors at night.

Outdoor lighting makes efficient use of your existing facilities allowing business to function the same as in the day with no downtime.

Through using Vertu Lighting for lighting solutions we are able to provide energy efficient lighting which minimizes operating costs through the use of LED and other energy efficient light sources. Overall balancing the correct level of illumination with economical operation.

Our designs ensure minimum glare and light overspill. We also consider the purpose of the lighting for the specific commercial or industrial area, to ensure that lighting guidelines such as UL844 for corrosive and hazardous environments are adhered to.

We offer lighting solutions for rail depots, parking areas, industrial yards, power plants, factories, storage, logistic centres, cargo handling, airports, ports, construction sites, oil and gas storage, refinery and chemical sites.


Our specialist products for Commercial, Industrial and Area Lighting include:

Columns and Masts:

  1. Fixed Columns and Masts
  2. Mid Hinged Columns and Masts
  3. Base Hinged Masts and Columns
  4. Raising and Lowering Headframe Mast

Light Fittings and Sources Include:

  1. LED
  2. High Pressure Sodium
  3. Metal Halide
  4. Floodlighting
  5. Cosmo Polis
  6. Bollards
  7. Hazardous Area Lighting