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Column  or Mast

Column or Mast - Which is the ideal choice for your application?

Vertu Lighting has a wide variety of column and mast types to meet your specific requirements and budget:

Base Hinged Columns and Masts - Our base hinged structures allow a mast or column to be lowered to the ground at its base. Such structures are ideal for all applications including railways and ports where safe and low cost maintenance is required. All maintenance can be done through a single man operation.

These masts are also particularly suited for use where there is an additional requirement to add Wi-Fi, CCTV Cameras, banners, flower planters or signage. There is only a requirement for single man operation for rapid maintenance whether it be for the light or any of the other applications attached to the mast.

Raising and Lowering Headframe Masts - Our raising and lowering headframe masts are ideal in areas where space is restricted, such as major road / highway junctions. These masts allow for the headframe to be lowered to the base of the mast even in tight areas where space is limited.

Mid Hinged Columns and Masts - Mid hinged columns and masts are ideal for roads as well as highways, where there is plant vegetation or other obstructions between the structures.  A simple tool safely allows the headframe to lower to the ground through a hinge in the middle of the mast or column, enabling the column to pivot.

Guide Rail Masts - Used in applications such as ports and airports where safety is paramount. Guide rail masts are also ideal in high wind areas.

The headframe is lowered down the shaft of the mast in a guide rail, preventing the headframe from twisting.

Guide rail masts allow for easy maintenance from ground level.

Fixed High Masts and Columns - Fixed masts and columns are ideal for applications where there is a tight budget for a project.

Vertu Lighting can provide internal/external access masts as well as man rider masts, allowing for easy maintenance at the top of any column, ideal for sports stadiums.

All masts and columns can be designed to a wide range of sizes and thickness to withstand different headload weights and wind velocities.

Vertu Lighting Columns and Mast Heights -

Columns are structures up to 15m
Masts are all structures above 15m

For more advice on which type of column or mast is most ideal for your application contact Vertu Lighting on +971 4 456 4937 or email:

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