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LED  Floodlighting

LED Floodlighting - A new Dimension for Area Lighting

Vertu Lighting is pleased to announce its market leading LED Floodlights.

Specifically designed for a range of applications including sport, airport, port, retail, traffic junctions and logistics.

Our LED floodlights provide a number of key advantages when compared to traditional HID light sources.

LED Floodlighting significantly reduces energy consumption, costs and CO2 emissions.
Our LED floodlighting solutions are designed for a long operating life, providing reliability, versatility and performance.

Efficient LED technology also provides the additional benefit of improved safety, incorporating a whiter light which is ideal for the use with CCTV Cameras.

For more information on LED and floodlighting and LED fittings contact Vertu Lighting on +971 4 456 4937 or email:

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