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Li-Fi - Wireless Internet connectivity through LED’s

Li-Fi is the latest innovation in lighting. Flickering beams of light allow digital information to be transmitted securely. Through this technology, data can only be intercepted by individuals who are in the line of sight of the light source.

Li-Fi technology is a Visible Light Communication technology.

Any interior or exterior LED light bulb can be turned into a broadband communication device.
This can all be achieved by adding a microchip to an LED bulb. This microchip makes the light blink on and off millions of times per second, producing binary code.

The flickering light is invisible to the human eye and is detected by a light sensitive receiver.
This technology enables LED Street lamps to become intelligent, acting as both a web hotspot and a light source.

Li-Fi is set to transform the way we think about lighting and make digital information even more accessible in the near future.

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